poniedziałek, 7 lipca 2014

5 x Integrity Toys guys

Short post just to show that this blog is still alive :)
Last month I got 5 new guys. One was ordered in February, price of some was too good to pass them, one was rare so I simply HAD to buy 3rd same doll. Every excuse is good, haha. Sometimes I wonder why did I buy female dolls at all!
From left to right:
1)Dynamite Girls "Love Revolution" All American Auden
2)Fashion Royalty Dark Hunters Acheron (looking somehow very ugly, haha)
3)Dynamite Girls "Love Revolution" Take It Easy Cruz
4)Poppy Parker "Baby it's you" Chip Farnsworth III
5)Dynamite Girls "The Terrible Trio" Handsome Devil Damon

Cruz and Damon are partialy repainted, Cruz by Ebay seller, Damon by me.

Close up


Acheron & Cruz

Chip & Damon

Soon I should post an entry about all of my Integrity Toys guys, it's a shame they are never in the spotlight!

piątek, 25 kwietnia 2014

handmade cardboard furnitures

As I wrote some posts earlier, I'm planning to make all furnitures to my planned doll room in shabby chic style. Of course, being me I got distracted at the very beginning of work, and started to work on furnitures to my other planned doll house, in bold colors, Frida Kahlo inspired. I managed to make just a few things in both styles before I got distracted again, so now I stopped to work on doll rooms/house and started to work on grocery shop. I wonder how far I will be with it before something else will get my attention :P
All furnitures are made entirely of cardboard, that's why they are far from being perfect.

Anyway, here are those few pieces for shabby chic room and those in Frida's colors :)

Those things were made for mexican styled home of John's family. I'm working on it since a year, making this and that, random pieces that one day, hopefuly, will be gathered together in a finished home. I'm rarely writing anything or introducing any doll characters, but my sister and I are enjoying our private doll's pantheon and drama on a daily basis, just not taking any photos.

John will help me to show some decorations I made meanwhile I was making other things.Those were planned for shabby chic room, but got stolen by Johnny :) ( sweater and top are by me too)

Shabby chic furnitures. Looks more "shabby" than I originaly planned! Dresser was already shown in this post http://playscaledolls.blogspot.com/2014/03/challenge-2014-d-and-handmade-dresser.html , but since I changed handles I decided to show it again.

niedziela, 13 kwietnia 2014

challenge 2014 - F

Today's theme is frills. I'm too tired to think about any story, so it will be very simple post. Next time will try to make some photos in advance.

I`m not like them
But I can pretend

The sun is gone
But I have a light

The day is done
But I`m having fun

Frills are on Belle's top.

sobota, 5 kwietnia 2014

challenge 2014 - E

I totaly forgot about challenge X.x Woke up this morning (my morning it it, 4 pm), checked blogger and BAM! - people were posting todays theme - enciclopedia! Better late than never they say.

So here it is - Sean, the walking enciclopedia!

Jaime, murmuring to himself : 11 down, the queen of Elves

Sean, completly drown is the game, interrupts, thinking Jaimes was asking him: Valkyrie

Jaime: What? Are you for real? It's Titania!

Sean, not really listening: Titania, Valkyrie, same thing

Jaime, murmuring: pff, moron. Tell me again, why am I with you?

Sean: Because you don't deserve better.Nah, I'm joking. Because I'm sexy, beautiful, smart and funny. Now shut up.

BONUS - one of Sean's pets, Pugsley.

sobota, 22 marca 2014

challenge 2014 - D and handmade dresser.

Today's theme is "carpet", in polish "dywan", that's why there is this "D" in the title. I'm being lazy again, but it's because I was working on handmade dresser. More about it after the carpet story :)
I'm really sorry for the look of this diorama, had to use what I had a least half ready.Sean's flat won't stay like that, I'm planning on upgrading it with real floor and some furnitures of course too.

A saturday night, at Sean's flat. Sean and his boyfriend Jaime are enjoying quiet evening.

Jaime: umm, when are going to furniture livingroom?

Sean: Later. Now I have everything that I need - you, xbox and tv.

Jaime, laughting: Did you just call me a "thing"?

Sean: Yes, the most important thing in my life. Now get lost, I'm playing.

Jaime: aww, you're so cheesy. Ok, ok, from now I will be quiet.


current furnitures of Sean

Next entry will be continuation of this one.

Since a few days I was working on handmade cardbox dresser. I decided to make by myself all furnitures for Melindas flat, just to check if I can. I think I have seen "zero spending month" idea on some blog, and decide to make my own version of it, "zero spending doll house". Dresser is made enterely of cardbox, doesn't look very good, but well,scrap this, Melinda got it from garage sale. I wanted to paint it to giveit a wood impression, but it came to rought after all, I think I overdone it. Maybe will fix it later. Legs are quite straight, drawers can be opened. Dresser is much heavier than it looks. But, at the end of the day, Melinda has her dresser, and I didn't send any money on it. Now I'm going to work on a chair.
Whole dresser (except handles which are silver) is chinese white, don't know why drawers looks somehow yellowish :/

Od paru dni robiłam biurko z tektury. Doszłam do wniosku, że wszystkie mebelki do mieszkania Melindy zrobię sama, aby się przekonać, czy dam radę. Wydaje mi się, że na czyimś blogu widziałam pomysł "zero spending month", to będzie moja własna wersja tego pomysłu, "zero spending doll house". Biurko jest w całości wykonane z tektury, nie wygląda najlepiej, ale co tam, Melinda kupiła je na wyprzedaży. Chciałam farbą nadać mu strukturę drewna, ale obawiam się,że przedobrzyłam, całe jest chropowate. Możliwe, że później jej poprawię. Nogi wyszły w miarę proste, szuflady się otwierają. Biurko jest dużo cięższe niż na to wygląda. Koniec końców, Melinda ma swoje biurko, a ja nie wydałam na nie ani złotówki.Teraz zamierzam zrobić krzesło.

Całe biurko (poza uchwytami które są srebrne) jest pomalowane białą farbą, nie wiem czemu szuflady wyglądają na żółtawe.

niedziela, 16 marca 2014

challenge 2014 - C

Last minute post, just finished diorama, took photos, so I can go to sleep (it's half past 6am here, my bed time , haha) :) No dialogs this time, just a short description. On photos is Melinda, fixing her party dress.
Theme is sequins (in polish "cekiny", that's why it's C letter day)

niedziela, 23 lutego 2014

challenge 2014 - B

I'm working on something else now, so I'm being lazy and just printed out parts of diorama instead of making it by myself. The theme for today is "balloon". Since I didn't have any in a doll size I used some plastic christmas ornaments.Lets pretend it looks like balloons :P

On they way to city center Tre and his girlfriend has spotted many people carying small bags, balloons or both.

Here is one of such persons. Unfortunately she was too far from them to read what was written on the bag and they didn' want to be catched gawking at her.

Tre: Another one...Balloons are in color of Pepsi's logo, must be some promotion or something!

Tre: I will ask that guy!

Tre: Yo man, is there some Pepsi promotion over there or what?

Mike : Sorry man, it's just Aquafresh promotion. They are giving balloons and stuff.
Tre: But is it for free?

Mike: Sure it is, man! I wouldn't get it any other way!
Tre: Thanks man!

Tre: Could be so cool...Aquafresh. But, free is free, let's get some!