niedziela, 30 kwietnia 2017

April - new body of Jaime

Recently I purchased 7 homme bodiees from Integrity Toys one especially to upgrade Jaime. Untill now he was on cheerleader Ken body. Colour of new body, hungarian skin ton, is a perfect fit for this head.

Jaime chillling in the nature with his little stalker Mia following him.

Mia is rerooted and partialy repainted Blue Burhart doll from Inegrity Toys. Can't remember if I already wrote this before or not.

Photos were taken in front of our still not finished home. A friendly neightbour surprised us with a visit!

sobota, 1 kwietnia 2017

March - choices

Very late March :D Sewing is game of choices.

Red or blue?

Short or long?

My post is beyond boring but I'm half dead, can't sleep at all, even my sleeping pills are barely working. Hate seasonal insomnia.