piątek, 25 kwietnia 2014

handmade cardboard furnitures

As I wrote some posts earlier, I'm planning to make all furnitures to my planned doll room in shabby chic style. Of course, being me I got distracted at the very beginning of work, and started to work on furnitures to my other planned doll house, in bold colors, Frida Kahlo inspired. I managed to make just a few things in both styles before I got distracted again, so now I stopped to work on doll rooms/house and started to work on grocery shop. I wonder how far I will be with it before something else will get my attention :P
All furnitures are made entirely of cardboard, that's why they are far from being perfect.

Anyway, here are those few pieces for shabby chic room and those in Frida's colors :)

Those things were made for mexican styled home of John's family. I'm working on it since a year, making this and that, random pieces that one day, hopefuly, will be gathered together in a finished home. I'm rarely writing anything or introducing any doll characters, but my sister and I are enjoying our private doll's pantheon and drama on a daily basis, just not taking any photos.

John will help me to show some decorations I made meanwhile I was making other things.Those were planned for shabby chic room, but got stolen by Johnny :) ( sweater and top are by me too)

Shabby chic furnitures. Looks more "shabby" than I originaly planned! Dresser was already shown in this post http://playscaledolls.blogspot.com/2014/03/challenge-2014-d-and-handmade-dresser.html , but since I changed handles I decided to show it again.

niedziela, 13 kwietnia 2014

challenge 2014 - F

Today's theme is frills. I'm too tired to think about any story, so it will be very simple post. Next time will try to make some photos in advance.

I`m not like them
But I can pretend

The sun is gone
But I have a light

The day is done
But I`m having fun

Frills are on Belle's top.

sobota, 5 kwietnia 2014

challenge 2014 - E

I totaly forgot about challenge X.x Woke up this morning (my morning it it, 4 pm), checked blogger and BAM! - people were posting todays theme - enciclopedia! Better late than never they say.

So here it is - Sean, the walking enciclopedia!

Jaime, murmuring to himself : 11 down, the queen of Elves

Sean, completly drown is the game, interrupts, thinking Jaimes was asking him: Valkyrie

Jaime: What? Are you for real? It's Titania!

Sean, not really listening: Titania, Valkyrie, same thing

Jaime, murmuring: pff, moron. Tell me again, why am I with you?

Sean: Because you don't deserve better.Nah, I'm joking. Because I'm sexy, beautiful, smart and funny. Now shut up.

BONUS - one of Sean's pets, Pugsley.