poniedziałek, 7 lipca 2014

5 x Integrity Toys guys

Short post just to show that this blog is still alive :)
Last month I got 5 new guys. One was ordered in February, price of some was too good to pass them, one was rare so I simply HAD to buy 3rd same doll. Every excuse is good, haha. Sometimes I wonder why did I buy female dolls at all!
From left to right:
1)Dynamite Girls "Love Revolution" All American Auden
2)Fashion Royalty Dark Hunters Acheron (looking somehow very ugly, haha)
3)Dynamite Girls "Love Revolution" Take It Easy Cruz
4)Poppy Parker "Baby it's you" Chip Farnsworth III
5)Dynamite Girls "The Terrible Trio" Handsome Devil Damon

Cruz and Damon are partialy repainted, Cruz by Ebay seller, Damon by me.

Close up


Acheron & Cruz

Chip & Damon

Soon I should post an entry about all of my Integrity Toys guys, it's a shame they are never in the spotlight!