niedziela, 23 lutego 2014

challenge 2014 - B

I'm working on something else now, so I'm being lazy and just printed out parts of diorama instead of making it by myself. The theme for today is "balloon". Since I didn't have any in a doll size I used some plastic christmas ornaments.Lets pretend it looks like balloons :P

On they way to city center Tre and his girlfriend has spotted many people carying small bags, balloons or both.

Here is one of such persons. Unfortunately she was too far from them to read what was written on the bag and they didn' want to be catched gawking at her.

Tre: Another one...Balloons are in color of Pepsi's logo, must be some promotion or something!

Tre: I will ask that guy!

Tre: Yo man, is there some Pepsi promotion over there or what?

Mike : Sorry man, it's just Aquafresh promotion. They are giving balloons and stuff.
Tre: But is it for free?

Mike: Sure it is, man! I wouldn't get it any other way!
Tre: Thanks man!

Tre: Could be so cool...Aquafresh. But, free is free, let's get some!

poniedziałek, 17 lutego 2014

challenge 2014 - A

Again, I'm taking a part in Maverika's challenge. That's mean a least 23 posts for 2014, about 2-3 post per month. Without such motivation I wouldn't write any post this year I quess. Recently I became too lazy, just enjoying dolls and miniatures, without any bothering about taking photos and writting blog.
I'm feeling like I'm restarting an old, rusted mechanism, haha.

Diorama isn't finished but will have to do. Must work on this yellow snow. As for now the post could be titled "Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow".

The theme for the first day of challenge is "safety pin".

Patrick: It's fricking freezy, are you sure you're dressed warm enough?

Alex: Of course,I'm fine, absolutely fine (thinking : If I would be dressed like you, I would wrap myself in such long coat too)

Patrick: Can't look at your opened jacket, brrr. I don't understand why you don't want to close it. It's like 35 °F...

Alex:I just don't want to overheat myself, it's bad for health. (thinking : I didn't get myself this wonderful new blouse to hide it under any jacket. This CAN'T wait for spring.)

that was lame, I know, somehow I don't feel natural writing on the blog again, hopefully it will get better with time.