niedziela, 1 maja 2016

Youdolls by Macmillan

I'm pretty busy those day, at the begining of April my sister and I bought a home in our city, like 15 minutes by walk from our current appartement, so now we have a lot to think of and spend for too, unfortunatelly. There's so many things that need to be done, so I doubt we will manage to move there in this year. But there will be doll room, work shop and storage room so it's sometthing worth waiting for.

While browsing the Internet I came across of a quite new and unpopular dolls called Youdolls by Macmillan Toys. We can find those dolls on Aliexpress under "Original Macmillan Germany" even though this brand is from USA, California. In the May of 2015 there was crowdfunding for this dolls, just like for Lammily. Somehow Youdolls came unnoticed while Lammily are quite known. Youdolls were planned to be very diverse, even if there's just one facesculpt used. There's 50 look options to choose from, 3 skin colors, 3 eye colors and some hairstyles and 6 hair colors to choose from as well. To each doll we can add 4 items and one outfit of our choice from options available on the site.
Dolls are bendable in similar way to old Fashionistas, but taller and a bit fatter. Face are quite pretty in my opinion but the heads are oversized unfortunatelly, bigger than already too big Barbie's heads.

The price is quite hight, 49usd, shipping price to Europe is not acceptable in my opinion, the cheapest is over 70usd. Luckily we can get this doll nude from Aliexpress for about 20usd, and this what I'm intending to do.
There will be a lot of photos, I wish I'd know how to make a post under cut on blogger, just in the same way we can do it on livejournal...

Official site:

(yes, I really screenshoted all of those 50 dolls, I'm sick so have too much time apparently)

Seller from Aliexpress was kind enough to attach a comparison photo to listing, so we can see how Youdolls looks next to other fashion dolls and compare skin color with Barbie's.
(obviously Youdoll isn't "this doll", but the first from left.)

Seems like a great body donors! Must get at least one of each color :D