niedziela, 31 maja 2020

Some goth dolls

Since a few years I'm always sewing for my Etsy and have no time to care about my dolls. Those two are lucky,and have a few pieces of outfits just for themselves.
I love 90's, in my opinion everything from 90's was the best so my goth dolls have 90's style too, straight from the best times of music. They are typical Spooky kids or Mansonites, alternative goths who like heavy music instead of new wave and synth pop from 80's.

Thise two are
1) my pretty Alan, ooak guy made fron rerooted head of Integrity Toy's Laird Drake on a xinyi body, because I wanted thin, pale guy.
2) Enola - rerooted Violaine from Integrity Toys.

Comparison of Alan and Adonis body with Integrity Toys head