niedziela, 11 listopada 2018

100 years of independence of Poland

Long time no see! I should post here more often but I'm incredibly lazy. Right now I'm mostly active on Instagram - moonandthememories

Milan is proudly presents t-shirt with polish eagle. Wanted to make it similar to Zień's designs, as I find them very cool. He is one of my very few dolls with Polish ethnicity. Love him,he is beautiful, just wish he had dark brown hair and green eyes, like many Poles have.

Milan - this name was used in Poland and other Slavic countried hundreads years ago, before Christianity wiped away almost whole Polish culture and our original names. Right now this name is very rare in Poland but still very popular in Czech and other countries. I really hope it will be popular here to again one day.

2 komentarze:

  1. Świetny ten Milan. :)
    Też lubię, gdy wspomina się Słowiańskie imiona, tradycje i wierzenia i nie pozwala się odejść im w zapomnienie.

  2. i wszystko po angielsku... hm... fajny lalek