niedziela, 11 listopada 2018

100 years of independence of Poland

Long time no see! I should post here more often but I'm incredibly lazy. Right now I'm mostly active on Instagram - moonandthememories

Milan is proudly presents t-shirt with polish eagle. Wanted to make it similar to Zień's designs, as I find them very cool. He is one of my very few dolls with Polish ethnicity. Love him,he is beautiful, just wish he had dark brown hair and green eyes, like many Poles have.

Milan - this name was used in Poland and other Slavic countried hundreads years ago, before Christianity wiped away almost whole Polish culture and our original names. Right now this name is very rare in Poland but still very popular in Czech and other countries. I really hope it will be popular here to again one day.

poniedziałek, 29 stycznia 2018

Misty Day ooak doll

While I never watched any part of American Horror Story I really like style of Misty Day from Coven. Integrity Toys made many Coven doll but her, which is a shame in my opinion, as she sports amazing hippie style Stevie Nicks.
I decided to sew a few outfits inspired by some of Misty clothes. I'm planning to recreate 3 different looks of her, here is my attempt of recreating this outfit:

I don't have same looking fabrics so I used what I have.Top is in shape of butterfly, but it's hard to tell it from photos. Skirt is made of lace, upper part is lined. Under buttetfly top is stripe of elastic lace as a lace strapless bra. Hat is made of velvet. Floral shawl have over 70 tassels, each one is handmade (never again!). Scarf was handpainted in a pattern of American flag, it was very rushed and messy job so it looks terrible but have to do. The only part of outfit that wasn't made by my are shoes.

I'm sorry for posting so many photos!
Next time I will add photos of second outfit.

niedziela, 15 października 2017

Rhapsody of the Autumn wind.

Wanted to take some Autumn themed photos again, but I'm too busy to got to park so had to use mine mini park with terrible lighting.
Simply love Autumn, Indian Summer is the best time of the year for me. If I could live in a country of forever Autumn I would!
Before it was european chestnuts, now it's time for leaves and rowan trees.

Cinnamon getting leaves for her seasonal bouquet.

The title of this post is taken from the title of my friend's band song "Akikaze no rhapsody" translated to english. I'm really happy because tommorow I will meet him again after 3 years!

Love his voice so much!

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chestnut horse

My favourite season begun, so while enjoying September sun & October rust I was makin Autumn photos.

My cute Taliesin will show you how to do a chestnut horse, a very popular toy in Poland and whole Europe I believe ( at least it was popular like 25-30 years ago when I was kid).

Today I will show you how to make a chestnut horse.

European chestnuts are the best for it

You will need a knife, toothpicks or other sticks and of course chestnuts.

First you need to make a hole in one chestnut and five in other one - one on top, for neck and 4 on the bottom.

Connect chestnuts with toothpicks. Add legs.

Your horse is ready!

It should look like this.

You can use it as a decoration.

I have a bowl with an Autumn treasures.

Will add remaining chestnuts to it.

And horse!

There are leaves, chestnuts, pines canes, this chestnuts horse and small wooden hedghog.

That's all!

Bye! Enjoy your chestnuts horses!